A List of Habits That Will Greatly Improve One’s Life

– Avoid processed foods.

– Clean up your household.

– Consume more fruits and vegetables.

– Drink milk, natural fruit drinks, tea, and water.

– Eliminate caffeine.

– Eliminate negative thoughts from your mind.

– Every day, give food to the less fortunate. This is not mandatory. Of course, we need to also feed ourselves. But if you have more than enough, do this.

– Get a pet dog. Puppies were created by God to entertain mankind and make us happy.

– Get physical exercise. Lift weights. Do crunches, leg lifts, and planking. Though, do not do so within two hours of bedtime.

– Give away your unused possessions to the less fortunate.

– Give up one material thing or physical pleasure, like an iPod that you barely use.

– Go out more often. One hour a day will do.

– If you are an adult, consider spending more time with your family.

– If you are an elderly person, it is NEVER too late to make a change. Turn to God. Ever since the Renaissance, people have been concerned about their worldly affairs and not so focused on their spiritual matters. Before the Fall of Rome, a great number of people believed in and served God. But in our modern generation, there are numerous atheists living in this world.

– If you are a young person no older than 18, give serious thought to the future. Consider what career you want to apply for. What college / university do you plan to study at? Do you want to get an Associate’s Degree? Bachelor’s? Master’s? Or the Doctorate Degree? Whom will you marry? Where will you be living? How many children do you plan to have? Will you be a stay-at-home parent or work outside? How many cars will the family own? One of your own self and the other for your spouse; two? Will you share; one car only? Consider doing advanced studying for whatever course in college that you plan to take.

– If you bully kids in school, quit it. What is the benefit of making others’ lives miserable?

– If you consume too much junk foods, consider cutting down on the junk.

– If you drink alcoholic beverages, quit it. Alcohol has negative effects on a person’s life.

– If you gamble, quit it. Gambling means earning a dishonest living, which is a disappointment before God.

– If you hurt somebody in the past, make it up to them. Ask them for forgiveness. Give them a gift. Tell them that you are sorry with sincerity.

– If you party too much, quit it. Partying too much may lead to foolishness, unproductivity, and wild behavior.

– If you smoke, quit it. It is not good for one’s health. It has no long-lasting benefits. Just merely cons.

– If you wear revealing clothes, quit it. Enticing men is a complete turn-off, in my opinion. Women who try to tempt men that way give us women a bad reputation and make us look like desperate attention seekers.

– Learn a language with which you are unfamiliar. Suggestions are Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. I am currently learning how to speak Tagalog, the native language of the Philippine Islands.

– Learn about God and His words. I recommend that you visit this website: http://www.studyiglesianicristo.com/

– Learn about particular subjects, like botany or haemotology or psychiatry.

– Listen to Christian music. I recommend the song “Wonderful” by INCMedia Services. Here is a link to the song: http://incmedia.org/content/wonderful/

– Maintained a balanced diet.

– Maintain a romantic relationship and stay committed to that person. Relationships should not be taken lightly. They need to be handled with care. Dating is not just for fun. It is for a man and a woman to get to know each other.

– Make new friends.

– Meet new people.

– Play a musical instrument. I recommend piano or violin. Such beautiful tones are played from these.

– Play a sport.

– Pray to God daily.

– Quickly solve problems. Do not wait for the problem to be a Goliath. Eliminate the issue before it gets MAJOR MAJOR.

– Read at least two books per week.

– See the dentist at least twice a year.

– See the doctor at least twice a year.

– Write a literary piece every day.


New Year Resolution Suggestions

1. EXERCISE regularly.

2. READ books more often.

3. MINIMISE time on using the Internet.

4. EAT healthy foods.

5. LEARN how to cook.

6. MINIMISE time on watching television.

7. TAKE a class.

8. STUDY more often. (If you go to school)

9. DO good deeds every day. [Refer to A List of Good Deeds]

10. SAVE money.

11. MAKE friends.

12. IMPROVE your personal hygiene.

13. DO NOT smoke.

14. DO NOT drink alcohol.

15. THINK positively.

16. DRAW nearer to God.

17. WAKE up early.

18. SLEEP early.

19. GET more sleep.

20. DRINK plenty of water.

21. LAUGH at least 13 times a day.

22. GO outside for at least one hour a day.

23. WRITE down your emotions, feelings, and thoughts every day.

24. WRITE down 10 things that you are grateful for every day.

25. NEVER skip breakfast.

26. CONSIDER getting a job.

27. STRETCH every day and every night.

28. FACE your fears, one by one, until you overcome them.

29. SOFTEN your heart.

30. VISIT your doctor at least twice a year.

31. VISIT your dentist at least twice a year.

32. DO NOT watch pornography.

33. WALK more often.

34. MAINTAIN a clean and tidy house.

35. SPEND more time with family and friends.

36. DO NOT give into evil temptations easily.

37. LEARN how to play a musical instrument.

38. ADOPT a child or a pet.

39. BACK off from a person when you know that he or she is already taken by somebody else.

40. DO NOT engage in sexual intercourse, if you are not yet married.

41. PRACTICE farming.

42. LEARN a new language.

43. MINIMISE time on using cellphone.

44. SAVE electricity.

45. LEARN a sport.

46. DO NOT wear revealing clothes.

47. DO NOT waste money on material things.

48. EAT a big breakfast, a medium lunch, and a small dinner.

49. BUY a gift for everybody to whom you are close when it is their birthday.

Going to Hell

Caused me pain, until I fell for his manslaughter
Became a victim of the most wicked specter
Led astray into the depths of burning ember
Stuck inside a dungeon, watch me suffer.

As I see the walls gathering dust bunnies
I try escaping this fire that engulfs me
Nothing to cure this downright misery
Words cannot express how bad this feels.

I see the heavens
Though the bars keep building higher
Oh, I see God’s Kingdom
Though He just watches as I expire.

I see the skies
Though I am drowning in all this pain
Oh, I see the Most High
Though me He will never save.

Never going to see me smile
‘Cause it is too late
Never going to stop me cry
No more hope in seeing a better day.

I can see the light
Though the darkness keeps the wire
Oh, I do not know why I have to try
It is what I deserve for being a liar.

Now, restate what I say:
I breathe, I live, I walk an evil life.
I breathe, I live, I walk an evil life.
I breathe, I live, I walk an evil life.
I breathe, I live, I walk an evil life.


Justin cracks up jokes with me
I laugh, even when they are not funny
Say in my mind, I need and I see
Him, even in my sleep.

‘She is funny, smart, pretty,’ he says
‘They make a good couple,’ they say
Gotta admit, the boy has got taste
But I am the girl who brightened his day.

He is the one who caused these tears to run down my cheeks
My smeared mascara shows how much I am in misery
He is the one whom I want to be with for all eternity.

Justin gives me a big smile
I flash one right at him to hide
What I truly feel on the inside
That I cry and cry and cry
About how he is not mine.

I know she saw him first
The beautiful dream girl
Though, I could have loved him right
The way any guy would like.

Justin plays a song for me
So excited that I could not breathe
Until he said it was for her, he means.

‘Lucky’ she is, alright
She is with the dream guy
Whom most girls like
Now, I would hate to see her scarred
Do not want a broken heart
But in the dark night sky, Justin is my shining star.

He is the one who caused these tears to run down my cheeks
My smeared mascara shows how much I am in misery
He is the one whom I want to be with for all eternity.

Justin sings a song for me
But it is not enough to make me see
I am the one with whom he wants to be.

I know he likes somebody else
But my hand seems perfect
Intertwined with his.

Do not get me wrong, she is cool
She is pretty funny, too
But watching them both together
Breaks my heart in two.

He is the one who caused these tears to run down my cheeks
My smeared mascara shows how much I am in misery
He is the one whom I want to be with for all eternity.

Fiel & Justin always & forever
As they embrace and kiss each other
Good grace, it feels like I am on fire!

He is the one who caused these tears to run down my cheeks
My smeared mascara shows how much I am in misery
He is the one whom I want to be with for all eternity.

Chad Reyes

Chad Enrique Odom Reyes (born February 18, 1998) is a main character of Hit the Lights. He appears in all episodes throughout the entire series and is a back-up singer and the lead guitarist of HeartFly. Introduced as Shannon’s boyfriend, Reyes is an athletic basketball player and boxer.

Age: 15
Birthdate: February 18, 1999
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Blood Type: B
Celebrity Crush: Demi Lovato
Ethnicity: American
Nationality: American
Religion: None


Delilah Jennings
Shannon Lambert
Tabitha Watson

Delilah Jennings
Ethan Michaels
John Pears
Kristine Gonzalez
Tabitha Watson

Shannon Lambert

Maryelle Reyes (Journalist and lawyer)
Patrick Reyes (Acting coach and personal basketball coach)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Chad grew up in a 3-story Colonial house. He had a little brother named Tommy who died during childbirth, leading Chad to have depression from ages 7 to 9, during which he worked out at the family’s personal gymnasium every night. At the age of 5, he started taking formal guitar lessons; at 8, he started listening to screamo music, leading him to learn by himself how to scream/sing.

Chad is considerate, kind, and self-controlled. He is faithful in his relationships and takes them very seriously.